Tangram Company, LLC is a domestic manufacturer of High Purity Inorganic Chemicals and a provider of Custom Chemical Services. We leverage our manufacturing capabilities to build upon our Customer’s core competencies to provide exceptional value. This in turn, will allow collectively for increased margins in today’s extremely competitive business environment. In this fashion, working together, we forge and implement a strategic plan for long term business relationships rather than just taking and filling orders for commodity chemicals. These strategic relationships yield the ability to share knowledge and expertise, take advantage of flexibilities to meet Customer’s needs, reduce the total cost of supply and strengthen the position of the Customer in their market place.

While the US chemical industry and markets are both broad and diverse, there are very few chemical manufacturers operating in the United States. There are even fewer with the quality systems that Tangram Company, LLC has in place. Much of the chemicals utilized by end users are imported from China, India, Japan, Europe and other overseas manufactures. While imports have a place in the US markets, it adds a layer of complexity to the procurement process. This complexity does have an associated cost, however, this cost is often ignored or undervalued. Thus being a domestic chemical manufacturer offers significant advantages. Tangram Company, LLC strives to be an extension of our Customer’s business providing the desired added value.