Business Approach

Tangram Company, LLC has a business approach based on fundamentals of customer focus processes, quality systems and community stewardship.

The company is dedicated to listening, understanding and interacting to provide the exact products and/or services required to meet customer’s expectations. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in the chemical and related industries. This experience spans sales, marketing, product development, product management, supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, quality, merger/acquisition and finance/accounting. This experience will be utilized to meet our customer’s needs and wants.

To ensure Tangram Company, LLC provides quality products and services, current good manufacturing practices or cGMP’s are in place for all manufacturing, processing, testing and packaging activities. The foundation or building blocks of our cGMP quality system are standard operating procedures or SOP's detailing how work is to be performed.

Quality behavior in the community is as important as in bringing quality products and services to the market place. Community in this case is defined on a local, state, national and global level. It is important to view community this way as the world is becoming smaller and smaller. A company of any size can have an impact on the world today.

Products and services reach the market place through a certified distribution network. The company is represented by distributors who share the same values and business approach as Tangram Company, LLC. If you are not currently doing business with one of our distributors, we would be happy to make a referral.