Tangram Company, LLC has four areas of business focus in offering its products and services:


Commercial and Specialty Chemicals

Our capabilities allow us to be a leading producer of High Purity Inorganics or mineral salts. Grades of materials include High Purity, ACS, Electronic, USP/NF, EP, BP, JPE, IP, FCC and Custom. While standard products are offered, many of the products sold are custom to meet a unique Customer specification. This includes multi-compedia materials such as ACS/USP/FCC or USP/EP/BP/JPE/FCC.

We are also able to offer standard and custom packaging and labeling to even the smallest or most specific of needs. This includes a wide array of drums (both fiber and poly), boxes and super sacks that can be filled to custom and/or batch weights. Labels may contain the customer’s part number, purchase order and/or other customer specific information. We can even attach additional labels for the customer’s inventory control.


Military Products

We are proud to support our country and troops by producing and supplying high quality custom products to the United States Military. These materials include dry chemicals, wet chemicals or solutions and devices.


Note: All production, processing and testing is performed under cGMP’s.